Monday, December 19, 2011

Waller County Issue New Election Filing Dates

In view of the federal court order on December 16, 2011 regarding the 2012 elections, The Waller County Elections Office released this link:, on the 2012 Primary election dates are scheduled as follows: April 3, 2012 Primary Election and June 5, 2012 Primary Runoff Election.

Candidate Filing
The new filing deadline for primary candidates, independent candidates and minor party candidates is now February 1, 2012 at 6 p.m. (Note: the new first day to file will be determined by the court at a later date.) Additionally, per the court order, candidates who file in the first period will be permitted to withdraw or amend their applications (with a new application) during the second filing period; there are other deadlines which have been impacted as well such as deadlines to withdraw, ballot drawing, canvassing, and we plan to update all candidate filing information (candidates guide, etc.) soon. Please share this information with your county judge. (As a reminder, filing may continue under the previous court order through Monday, December 19, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. and then the first filing period will close.)

County Redistricting
Deadline to change county election precinct lines has been moved to January 31, 2012. Notice requirements in Section 42.032 have been suspended.

Voter Registration Mass Mailout
The December 16, 2011 Federal Court Order provides a new deadline to send out voter registration certificates (i.e., mass mailout) required by Section 14.001 of the Texas Election Code until on or before February 13, 2012.” Once the redistricting lines are final, our office will notify the counties.

If your county should decide to proceed with the 2012 Mass Mail Out without waiting until the redistricting lines are final, this could necessitate mailing another Voter Registration Certificate to voters affected and your county will be responsible for any costs associated with such mailings.

According to Mrs. Elizabeth Hanshaw Winn, Interim Director of Elections, additional information and guidance on the elections will be provided later for all concerned parties.

Persons needing information may contact Mrs. Winn at the Waller County Elections Office, 836 Austin Street Suite 103, Hempstead, TX 77445 or Phone: 979-826-7643.

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