Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texas NAACP to Hold Its Organizational Meeting

Prairie View City Council Welcomes the Texas NAACP to Prairie View
Texas NAACP to Hold Its Organizational Meeting at Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View, Texas — The Prairie View City Council joins the community members and the Prairie View Chamber of Commerce in welcoming the Texas NAACP to the City on January 27-28 for its quarterly meeting. The organization chose to host the meeting at Prairie View A&M University with its members from across the state, as the NAACP lays out its vision to advance equality and fairness for all.

To commemorate the occasion, Prairie View City Council signed a proclamation on Tuesday, January 25th which recognized the contributions that the organization has made to the City and the State.

The City and Chamber will host a reception for the organization on January 27 at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Texas NAACP meeting will be held on Jan. 28th, 10AM in the College of Business, Hobart Taylor Building at Prairie View A& M University.

“Since 1915, the Texas NAACP has worked tirelessly for the civil rights of all our residents. Their push to unify our state and community by eliminating discrimination and prejudice in our social, educational, political, and economic institutions is a great positive step in making our communities stronger. As the Assistant Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Co-Chair for Economic Development with the organization, I look forward to the great work that we will accomplish this year. I have been very active in our efforts around redistricting and ensuring that the rights of voters is protected”, said Councilman Brian Rowland. Councilman Rowland assisted in bringing the Texas NAACP to the City for its organizational meeting.

The Texas NAACP has played a critical role in the federal court hearings around the redistricting of legislative districts. The group has been very vocal on this issue pushing for the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure fairness in government representation for all citizens. The Supreme Court on Friday, January 20th unanimously overturned orders issued by a federal court in Texas that drew new maps for legislative districts, and ordered it to reconsider.

“While the ruling from the Supreme Court is disappointing, the Texas NAACP will continue to fight to ensure that the voices of the African American community is heard, protected, respected throughout this process. It is our hope that, using the evidence already presented to the 3 Judge-panel in San Antonio, they will be able to justify and keep most of the districts drawn in their interim plans, stated Yannis Banks, Legislative Liaison for the Texas NAACP.”

For information on the program, contact Brian Rowland, 936-857-3711

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