Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black Male Resource Center at Ohio State University

Ohio Institutions Focus on Black Male Achievement
by Howard Feintuch - March 5, 2010

When Aaron Hatchett arrived at The Ohio State University as a freshman in the fall of 2006, he wasn’t sure what the future held for him. The nation’s largest campus was daunting. Hatchett had no idea how he was going to pay for his education or what career he would pursue. He just knew he wanted to obtain a degree and make a better life for himself.

Now, nearly four years later, Hatchett is preparing to graduate with a degree in psychology and comparative cultural studies and with a minor in public policy. He plans to go to graduate school for education and social policy with the goal of working for the Department of Education in its social welfare program.

Hatchett credits the programs and staff at the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center for the African American Male at OSU for guiding and motivating him to focus and find academic success. The center first contacted him before his freshman year and invited him to attend its Early Arrival program, which it designed to acclimate African  to OSU. (African-American males comprise 6.2 percent of the school’s population.)See more at:

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