Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mama Goose Partners with Chick-Fil-A for Book Concerts

Mama Goose has partnered with Chick-Fil-A to perform a series of, what she’s coined, Book Concerts for children and the young at heart at the local stores in East Houston. If you love great stories and inspiring songs come and hear her at the first performance at the store on Beltway 8 and Wallaceville Road (5910 E Sam Houston) on January 24 and at the store on I-10 and Uvalde (13720 East Fwy) on January 26, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The series continues alternately through February 2, 9, 16 and 23. For concert information call 281-459-9553 or 713-455-3760.

Mama Goose (nee Mary Ann Palmer) will read and sing from the first book Reading and Rhyming with Mama Goose (a collection of nursery rhymes that reflect the charm and beauty of the American culture). Other readings will come from Sammy Please Behave (a hilarious depiction of a seven year old who has a ball spoiling his new teacher's hope of peacefully retiring her last year); The Eyes of Texas (a story about a girl and her parents on a mission to locate Texas symbols at a livestock show and rodeo); and Chocolate City (a brother and sister turn their entire city into chocolate and caused a national disaster).

Mama Goose’s goal is to help children develop a love for reading one nursery rhyme at a time. She hopes to capture the brilliance of their imagination one picture at a time. She grew up with Mother Goose nursery rhymes as a child. The classic style and simplicity of life taught her valuable lessons, as well as a spark for reading. She decided to share with the world traditions, values, and concepts that are germane to the U.S.A. She is not a fictitious character; she is as real as the air we breathe. She’s a potpourri of Mary Poppins, Mother Teresa, and Willie Wonka all rolled into one.

Mama Goose has embarked on an ambitious and lofty journey for 2017 - writing a book a day. This is feat is unheralded in the writing business and she is committed to the craft. To date (January 28) she is on book #28.

Mama Goose, the 2016 "Teacher of the Year" teaches at Dezavala Elementary in Channelview and is highly revered by her students and peers. She credits and thanks Principal Manuel Escalante for his inspiration and support. Folks can access a copy of Reading and Rhyming with Mama Goose at For information on booking Mama Goose, contact UNITAN Communications at 979-221-8430 or Frederick V. Roberts email:

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